New York City Hall Of Records Online


The challenge many marketers face isn’t just collecting data and analyzing it, but rather, accessing data in a timely manner.
maintains an online database of over 50 years worth of New York City Real Estate and Lien Records - UPDATED DAILY.

 Timely Data To The Rescue

This allows our clients FASTER-TO-PROSPECT access, weeks before the competition.
  •  AVAILABLE REPORTS- New Homeowners
    - Foreclosure
    - Mortgages of a specific value
    - Mortgages by a given lender
    - Sales by property type
    - Sales in a given area
    - Sales by specific value
  •  NEW HOMEOWNERS- Target new property owners for home improvements, fuel services, lawn and garden needs.
  •  FORECLOSURE PROSPECTS- Find out which properties are in distress in your selected area.
  •  LENDERS SPECIFIC- See what Lenders are active in a given area. Find out where you stand.
    - Weekly
    - Monthly
    - Quarterly
    - Yearly
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Handyman, Painters, Plumbers, Electricians…

Easily locate commercial properties, including owners of the property to communicate your marketing message. As a provider of data to the real estate industry, PDC delivers property and ownership data to meet your NYC marketing needs.
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Supermarkets, Specialty Stores,
Delicatessen, Restaurant, Diners, Pizzeria…

The most successful restaurants know their exact target restaurant customer. It’s one of the first rules in marketing – identify a consumer with a specific need, and shape your marketing around it.
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Oil or Gas Conversions, Boiler Installation, Hot Water Heater…

Trade professionals come to PDC when they’re tired of investing time, energy and resources in marketing that’s just not producing a return on their investment.
Take your marketing efforts to the next level by increasing your leads with PDC. Drive prospective clients to your website to help nurture your relationship and attract new business.
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