Public Data Corporation

New York City Hall Of Records Online

Public Data Corporation maintains an online database of over 50 years worth of New York City Real Estate and Lien Records - UPDATED DAILY.

PDC provides information on Deed and Mortgage Recordings, UCC filings, as well as Bankruptcy and County Clerk records (Judgments, Lis Pendens and Mechanic Liens).

Since 1987, New York title companies and title agents have been relying on PDC for instant, on-line access to accurate and dependable Hall or Records information.

If you are a Lawyer, Real Estate/Mortgage Broker, Real Estate Professional interested in instant access to accurate New York City Real Property Searches & Lien Searches over the web just click here.

We are a NYC company specializing in NYC data. Since 1987, we have worked to produce the finest product available.

Who uses PDC?
Underwriters, agents, attorneys, lenders - anyone that needs access to the most current data in one convenient spot.

What makes PDC different?
Not only do we compile the most current information, we take it one step further and visually inspect daily records to insure quality.

What about PDC pricing?
PDC does not require a deposit or set-up fee. We have not raised our prices since 1987 and are more than happy to work with our clients for large projects, ect.